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Pet shop Amos has existed since 2002, when the first store near the Pančevo market was opened. By dedication, knowledge, a good selection of pet products and location, we have created a place that has become necessary for people of Pančevo, as well as for the whole region, products for food and pet care.

From these beginnings, a lot has changed: we know the needs of pets more in Amos and their owners, and the assortment is multiplied.

This showed the need to apply everything we learned to a new, large object – from this we started working on the new project in the BIG Shopping Center in Pančevo, whereby we want to raise the knowledge of the owners to a new level: within the Pet Shop Amos there is now a great veterinary pharmacy which provide the pet owners to have absolutely all the products needed for their healthier and happier life in one place. And that’s not all: we are especially dedicated to achieve the highest standards of quality of service, on which we are constantly working in the desire to outperform the expectations of our customers. Therefore, you can get advice from a veterinarian with many years of veterinary practice, and we are especially proud of the fact that we know everything about pet food. At Amos stores and pharmacies you will get the best nutrition advice with a nutrition plan created for each individual pet, in accordance with its specific characteristics, needs and lifestyle.

With the support of PlusPlus, as a leading pet products distributor, you can visit us several times a week and consult with the Farmina Consulant for Nutrition plan.

Our mission is to bring joy to the lives of pets and their owners, as well as to promote the benefits of coexistence between people and animals with knowledge, so that through continuous education we raise the level of knowledge for animal welfare.

If you have not visited us so far, we invite you to come along with your pet.

Pet friendly regards, your Pet shop and veterinary pharmacy Amos