City of Pančevo

Category: Food and drinks
Phone: 013/311-150
Shop: F84

McDonald’s restaurants in Serbia belong to the world’s best-known restaurant chain.

Our success is based on values: the perfect and uncompromising quality, efficient and friendly service and impeccable cleanliness.

For the past 30 years, McDonald’s restaurants in Serbia served millions of guests, which makes us the largest food chain in the country. Currently in Serbia operates 27 restaurants in eight cities across the country.

In our restaurants we monthly serve thousands of guests, who enjoy the famous products such as the Big Mac ™ – the most popular burger in the world.

Our menu includes such well – known products as the Cheeseburger™, the McRoyal™, the Filet O Fish™, the McToast™, delicious pies and ice creams, as well as many others. We are constantly surprising our guests with special seasonal offers. For the youngest guest there are a diverse range of Happy Meal meals.

Come and enjoy the taste you know well.